Egg-Shell Prestige 9WST (Mk1) – the review


MagazineStereo i Kolorowo Undergound

Blogger Ludwik Hegel (Stereo i Kolorowo Underground) has tested Egg-Shell Prestige 9WST. We translated his article. You can read it here: The review of Egg-Shell Prestige 9WST
For original text in Polish click here.

In summation we can read:

One could spend much more time writing about the qualities and benefits of Bielsko-Biala amps, but I think that’s enough. It’s just a pure high-fidelity. These are the amplifiers with very high-end quality. The Egg-Shell Prestige 9WST delivers the sound of maturity and sophistication. It can be compared to a vacuum tube devices like Leben or Cary Audio – a similar class elegant and sophisticated style sound.

Ludwik Hegel