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Music Photography

We are much more than just another manufacturer of audio equipment. Everybody at Encore Seven has been simply obsessive about music in various forms and aspects. We have played instruments, photographed musical events, written record or concert reviews in magazines. Encore Seven has created and financed the MPC – Music Photographers Collective, which has its website where musical photographers from all over the world can share their concert photography with lovers of photography and music. Encore Seven is a sponsor and founder of prizes, especially in musical photography contests (e.g. The Polish Musical Photography Contest, started with one of the biggest and most recognised jazz festivals in Poland – Lotos Jazz Festival.

MPC - music photography

Live & Home Music

Our own videos

Please do not forget to visit our YouTube channel: “Live & Home Music” where you may find interesting fragments of concerts and performances of great artists whom we saw on stage. Live music is our direct inspiration in the pursuit of true, natural sound to be reproduced then in man-made musical gear. On our YouTube channel you may also find clips from various events, as well, as materials presenting our latest developments.


We invite you to check out our YouTube playlists. We continuously search for music ‘gems’ and share them with those who are fascinated with beautiful, impressive music. Full concerts, songs, rare musical treasures, wonderful sounds, most amazing voices – all that we admire, feel impressed by and inspired by ourselves…, music, which you can enjoy and discover best if reproduced on quality musical gear, to be able to hear every note and nuance.

Shared passions and inspirations

We are pleased to stay in touch with our clients and we find it amazing they share with us photographs of their Egg-Shell amps. All of the pictures which you will see in the gallery reflect love of fine, well composed and well reproduced music – reproduced in the “Hi Egg-Shell” quality!

Thanks and acknowledgements

Everything we are able to deliver as Encore7 would not have been possible without great commitment and support of many friends, who have helped us all the way until now.

  • Armen Chrobak
  • Greg G-Point Audio
  • Grzegorz
  • Grzegorz Pardubicki
  • Jakub Wiśniowski
  • Janusz Różański
  • Karol Zieleźnik
  • Leszek Ogonowski
  • Łukasz Kitliński
  • Michał i Alina Wróblewscy
  • Paweł Hankus