Classic Series

perfect sound, classic design
Egg-Shell Classic 9.2 - polski zintegrowany wzmacniacz lampowy

In the Classic series you will notice well-balanced, simple yet carefully planned lines, which however relate to the major features of the design of the Egg-Shell Prestige series.

The quality of sound available from the Classic series is very close to the one you may enjoy in the Prestige series amplifiers.

This is because the solutions used in both the lines of products are based on the same concepts.


Egg-Shell Classic 9.2 - polski wzmacniacz lampowy

Classic 9.2

Integrated vacuum tube amplifier. Excellent detail separation, wide sound stage.
Designed for small and medium rooms.

EGG-SHELL Classic 12.1 soon available

Classic 12.1

Integrated vacuum tube amplifier. Excellent detail separation and dynamic.
The audio design will be the same as in the bestselling Prestige 12.2 amplifier (based on KT88 power tubes).

Availability and more information soon.

EGG-SHELL Classic PS5.1 - vacuum tube phono preamplifier for MM cartriges

Classic PS5.1

Vacuum tube phono stage (preamp). Very even, accurate sound reproduction in the whole frequency range, with good dynamics and high precision.