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Egg-Shell Tube Audio Amplifier

We are the creators of the EGG-SHELL Brand

We are a specialist producer of stereo hi-fi vacuum tube amplifiers for home use

We take great care of giving our products superb and unique look, with no compromise on the quality of sound. We are proud of wide soundstage, high detail separation, musicality and natural sound with full dynamic range which our amplifiers are able to reproduce. Our style and values are fully reflected in the Prestige series amplifiers. Every single unit is hand-crafted, with the greatest focus on the workmanship.

Egg-Shell brand

For us design and manufacture is art

In the Egg-Shell amplifier you will touch, feel and hear our passion, you will notice expertise and see experience gained throughout years of designing vacuum tube amplifiers

Our experience in engineering and production of the vacuum tube-based musical equipment has its beginnings in the mid-90s of the 20th century. So has the brand name and the EGG-SHELL logo. It was the time when one of the company owners started his first experiments and attempts to design and create his home made valve amplifier for guitar to use in the band he played in. Right the next step was to build a unit to listen to music at home. He built it for himself, slowly, with no rush, with the paramount ambition in mind: the sound to be reproduced with help of this amplifier should be perfect enough to satisfy the designer himself. This special sound was soon given a name: the EGG-SHELL.


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