Egg-Shell Prestige RCX

remote control for integrated amplifiers
Spherical remote control for vacuum tube amplifiers EGG-SHELL

Highly innovative remote control, with unique design and principle of operation brings new concepts in the world of audio gear. Made of wood and metal, without any moving parts. To adjust volume all you need is turn the ball-shaped body of the remote control left or right. When turned around, battery indicator become active and clearly indicate the level of battery charge. The charge input and the remote control ON/OFF switch may also be found at the bottom. Thanks to this we could keep the shape of the device simple and intriguing – at a first glance it is just a smooth, perfectly round, elegantly finished wooden ball.

  • No moving parts, solid build – natural wood and metal
  • Deactivation on shakes or any motion other than circular
  • Radio transmission, base frequency: 2.4 GHz ISM, channel width: 1 MHz
  • Transmitter output power: 0 dBm, receiver sensitivity: 90 dBm
  • Total operating time with full charge: approx. 20 hours continuous operation (adjusting volume)
  • Remote operations distance, in open space, without any obstacles or barriers: up to 25 metres
  • Power supply: single Li-Po 3.6V battery, maximum volume: 4.2 V
  • Harging: any 5V USB charger; possibile charging from a computer USB port
  • Battery status and battery charge indicator
Spherical remote control for vacuum tube amplifiers EGG-SHELL (wooden)