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Success of Polish Audio Cluster – The Award!

Polish Audio Cluster, the organization that we create from the beginning, wins The Special Award 2018 awarded by High Fidelity Magazine!

The oldest and most prestigious Polish audio magazine, High Fidelity, dedicated the entire September (2018) issue number to the Polish Audio Cluster. A dozen articles were presented – tests and interviews. Among them, a conversation with us about the history of the creation of the Polish Audio Cluster, because we have been associated with this organization from the very beginning and we co-created it, as well as an interview about our brand EGG-SHELL, as well as two tests: a  test of the EGG-SHELL Classic 15.1 amplifier and a test of EGG-SHELL Prestige 12.2 in a set with Ciarry loadspeakers and Audiomica Laboratory cables.

Nagroda roku 2018 dla Polskiego Klastra Audio

All articles (in Polish):

The Polish Audio Cluster received the “Red Fingerprint” and then at the end of the year we received the “SPECIAL AWARD 2018“.

Editorial justification for the awarded prize:

The Polish Audio Cluster is a perfect proof of the fact that cooperation pays off. Although it is made up of people with different characters, temperaments and views on audio, they share a passion for music. It works really well for them, which has been confirmed by several musical and hardware events they participated in both in Poland and abroad. The quality of individual products has been confirmed by flattering REVIEWs you can find in the special High Fidelity issue dedicated to them. I wish there were more such well-organized, professional groups in Poland!

Wojciech Pacuła

The list of awards was published in the December issue of the magazine:

awards – list (English)



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